Blockchain meetup:

Anzimaty hosted the 3rd Beirut Bitcoin & Blockchain meetup, Socio Economic impact of bitcoin. Presentation can be download from the following link. event:

Anzimaty team partnered with Tykn (Netherlands) to present the “Proof of Existence - Birth certificate” for newborn refugees. The solution is based on the Blockchain technology and will be able to reduce the complexity of the current newborn registration process from 6 long steps requiring more than 4 days to a couple of minutes. Tykn and Anzimaty won a place to access Altcity ( bootcamp to further.

Partnership with Shopify November 2016:

Anzimaty is an official partner with Shopify, the best online ecommerce platform in the market. Unlike the current 14 days of trial on shopify, Anzimaty customers’ online stores will then enjoy an open time trial until there are satisfied with their online store setup. Through their partnerships with Payfort and, Anzimaty will be able to complete the customers cycle from opening their online store till setting up the accounts with the chosen payment gateway.

MixNMentor Beirut event October 2016:

Anzimaty team participated in the MixNMentor event in Beirut and to present, Wassilli, its new idea to democratize express courier service.

Partnership with Payfort September 2016:

Anzimaty is proud to announce its partnership with Payfort, the leading payment gateway in the Middle.

Partnership with August 2016:

Anzimaty is proud to announce its partnership with the payment gateway giant, extend its online payment services to Europe.

MOU agreement signature between Anzimaty and BmbSoft Turkey, May 2016:

Anzimaty and BMBSoft Turkey signed a join MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for joint partnership on selling their HIS system in MENA region.