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E-Commerce and Shopify Online Stores

Why e-commerce? Simply put, it is trading with whole world virtually from wherever you are. You sell from home, on the social media or even the trunk of your car, whether you use your laptop or your mobile, we have got you covered. Why partner with Shopify? since it is not only just an ecommerce software, Shopify the best online ecommerce platform, it is a fast, secure, reliable with modular themes and most of all can be easily integrated with our payment gateway partners: Payfort & From small boutiques, global brands and anything in between, we are here to rock your Shopify online store and put you in business in just 3-4 weeks (conditions apply).

Hospital Information Systems

Anzimaty has partnered with BMBSoft Turkey, one of leading suppliers in healthcare solutions in the region, as their exclusive partner and representative in the MENA region. Our solutions are compliant with WHO standards. The solution includes HIS (Hospital Information System), RIS (Radiology Information System), LiS (Laboratory Information System). They are web based for easy patient file management, Doctors/machines/tests appointments, patient’s history, inventory tracking and others.

Our solution integrates seamlessly with the existing IT environment while providing a single window access to all modules and data.

The system can be deployed and customized within two or three days to support our customers with a seamless evolution towards a paperless environment, workflow automation and Intelligent reporting.

At present, the Software is deployed in Turkey in government and private hospitals with sizes ranging from 150 to 3000 beds. It is being planned to be deployed in 3 middle sized hospitals in Lebanon and the region.


Payment Gateway Integration

We promote online and e-payment. Why? Because our partners have the state of the art security features (tokenization, 3D secure), online Fraud detection modules and a remarkable customer support when we reach out to them. Whether you have a existing ecommerce website, mobile app or still in coding phase, reach out to Anzimaty, we will integrate it with our partner payment Gateway: Payfort (Middle East) or (Europe). Anzimaty has experience with all available ecommerce platforms (Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart etc…).


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